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        Literary character gets new lease of life

        Updated: 2019-08-10 10:26:52

        ( China Daily )

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        Kunqu Opera play Six Chapters of a Floating Life is brought to audience in Shanghai in an attempt to take the hero and heroine's dream for an ideal life of the literati to the contemporary age, and make it relevant to everyone. [Photo provided to China Daily]

        Yun from Shen Fu's autobiography Six Chapters of a Floating Life, was recently brought to life in a Kunqu Opera.

        One of the loveliest women in Chinese literature, Yun in Shen Fu's autobiography Six Chapters of a Floating Life, recently had her life story told in a Kunqu Opera play by Shanghai Grand Theatre.

        The first production of SGT, Six Chapters of a Floating Life was premiered in the theater on July 13. A major project supported by the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, the play is the first production solely by SGT.

        In May when the production was announced and box-office sales kicked off, the tickets sold out for the premiere night within 28 hours.

        The Shanghai-based Xinmin Evening News praised the play to be "a highly aesthetic new Kunqu Opera production, deeply rooted in the tradition, without losing relevance to the contemporary view of beauty".

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