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        National Art Museum reopens with daily cap of 500 visitors

        Updated: 2020-05-14 15:18:16

        ( chinadaily.com.cn )

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        Wei Weishan, director of the National Art Museum of China, presents painting albums as gifts to the first five visitors to the museum on its reopening day, showing thanks to them for their support at the museum in Beijing on May 13, 2020. [Photo by Jiang Dong/China Daily]

        The National Art Museum of China reopened from Wednesday with a daily cap of 500 visitors, as the country’s COVID-19 cases ebb and public venues are resuming operation in an orderly manner.

        Making a reservation using a real name, valid for seven days, via the museum’s official website and its WeChat account, is essential as the museum has halted on-site reservations during the epidemic prevention and control period. Group visits have also been put on hold during this period.

        Identity cards, reservation records and QR codes proving health status will be needed for entry and body temperature will be checked.

        During visits, visitors need to wear masks, keep a distance of at least one meter from others and avoid gatherings, read the museum’s notice released on Monday.

        In addition, to meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, the museum is disinfected every day from 13:00-14:00, when visitors will be asked to temporarily leave the venue.

        To learn more about the museum’s reopening rules, and its ongoing exhibitions, click here (www.namoc.org/en/) to visit its official English-language website.

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