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        Beiji Village: northernmost village in China

        2018-01-31 11:24:08

        Photo taken on Jan 29, 2018 shows scenery in Beiji village of Mohe county, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province.

        Looking at Beijing's temples, heritage in a new light

        2018-01-23 07:38:53

        Next to the busy markets and office buildings of Beijing's Chaoyangmen district, there is a place of tranquility, with a history dating back more than half a millennium, which can almost be overlooked amid the hectic pace of life in the city's downtown.

        A place built by, and into, the sea

        2018-01-22 07:51:02

        The ocean built ancient Shawan town. And Shawan rebuilt the ocean, in a sense. It at least reconfigured its boundaries.

        Wonderful wetlands serve to inspire city dwellers

        2017-12-07 08:53:23

        The heart of a city to some people is the central business district where people live in the hustle and bustle.

        Seven most beautiful art museums in China

        2017-03-02 16:26:32

        Here we've selected seven of the most beautiful art museums in China. Take a look.

        Much ado about bamboo

        2015-12-03 08:06:15

        Qingdao will get a reconstruction of a Chinese trade pavilion that made waves in Milan.

        Mount Huashan in beautiful winter fog

        2015-11-19 13:46:48

        Located in Shaanxi province, 120 kilometers east from Xi'an City, Mount Huashan is one of China's Big Five mountains with its 210 natural and cultural scenic spots.

        Lijiang ancient town

        2015-11-18 13:38:57

        Lijiang ancient town was listed as a world cultural heritage site by the UNESCO in 1997.

        Discovering Labagoumen

        2015-11-17 10:18:06

        Labagoumen, located in Huairou District, is the northernmost town in the municipality of Beijing. Bordering Hebei Province.

        New museum dedicated to Mu Xin

        2015-11-17 09:45:49

        A new museum in East China is dedicated to Mu Xin, a man of art and letters, who lived unknown to many young Chinese.

        Venerable villages on Mount Danxia

        2015-11-17 10:00:37

        Dotted with rustic Hakka villages, Mount Danxia, located northeast of Shaoguan in Guangdong Province, is an extraordinary geographical landscape.

        Shijiazhuang's magnificent ancient villages

        2015-11-17 09:37:00

        The layout, architecture and folklore of the "seven ancient villages" in Jingxing County of Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei Province, remain intact.

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