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        New reality show stands out from crowd on Chinese TV

        2016-01-07 08:12:26

        While in recent years, most Chinese reality TV shows have either been inspired by or simply copied from established programs in South Korea, a new show, tailor-made for China, stands out.

        Top 10 posters of domestic films in 2015

        2016-01-07 10:22:14

        Chinese cinema saw unprecedented growth in 2015, not just in its record-setting ticket sales, but also in the quality of its paraphernalia, including film posters.

        Remake of opera The White Haired Girl to hit cinemas

        2016-01-07 08:12:26

        The Chinese have been familiar with the lyrics of the revolutionary opera, The White Haired Girl, for the past seven decades or so.

        Rare Lunar New Year fare makes it to big screen

        2016-01-07 08:12:26

        Anyone curious to know about lesser-known Chinese New Year dishes could find the answers in an upcoming culinary documentary.

        A Bite Of China releases trailer

        2015-12-31 15:32:56

        A new film promotion for the popular Chinese series A Bite of China has been released.

        China's holiday box office hits record high $130 million

        2016-01-05 14:05:46

        Total box office revenue over the three-day New Year Day Holiday in China has hit a record high.

        China's companies look abroad as film prospers

        2015-12-30 15:55:54

        This year has been historic for China's film industry. As of Dec 3, China's total box office sales for 2015 reached a record high of 40.05 billion yuan ($6.18 billion).

        A year of triumph for Chinese filmmakers

        2015-12-31 07:43:25

        Chinese filmmakers stepped out of Hollywood's shadow, producing films that set box-office records even as critics say artistic merit still lags behind.

        Stills of movie Run for love

        2015-12-23 10:40:50

        Still photos of Run for love, starring actress Zhang Ziyi and actor Eddie Peng, were released. The film opens on Valentine's Day in 2016.

        Star-studded premiere of Mr. Six

        2015-12-22 14:28:35

        Stars have walked the red carpet for the premiere of Chinese film Mr. Six in Beijing.

        Chow ends hibernation for Spring Festival comedy release

        2015-12-21 17:27:20

        Hong Kong actor-turned-director Stephen Chow is returning to the spotlight after three years out of public view.

        The Man from Macau III set to hit screens soon

        2015-12-21 17:31:40

        Andy Lau and Chow Yun-fat — the iconic stars of Hong Kong cinema — will reprise their 1989 roles in the hit action comedy God of Gamblers in the upcoming film The Man from Macau III.

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