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        Chinese cuisine: Tujia-style ‘mildewed tofu’

        2018-12-04 11:18:27

        As a winter tradition, the local residents in Enshi will start making "mildewed tofu", a kind of fermented bean curd. E-commerce and modern logistics have helped sell this specialty food to more customers.

        Lum medicinal bathing of Sowa Rigpa added to UNESCO list

        2018-11-28 08:57:19

        UNESCO has inscribed China's "Lum Medical Bathing of Sowa Rigpa" on intangible cultural heritage list.

        Children make traditional food to greet Minor Snow

        2018-11-22 14:59:49

        Children use azuki bean, corn and glutinous rice to make a kind of traditional food during an activity at a kindergarten in Lijiaxiang township of Changxing county, East China's Zhejiang province, Nov 21, 2018. The activity was held to greet the Minor Snow, one of the 24 solar terms of the Chinese l

        Qingdao Beer Museum in Shandong

        2018-11-20 15:03:18

        Qingdao Beer Museum is located in Dengzhou Road, within the Tsingtao Brewery. The pavilion takes full advantage of the century-old German buildings to demonstrate the brewing technology and production of its famous brand. With an investment of about 40 million yuan ($6.28 million), it is also consid

        Apple dishes offer new color, aroma and taste

        2018-11-16 17:38:55

        Zhaotong, located in the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces, is one of the most important apple production areas in Yunnan. The apples here are bright in color, crisp in flesh, rich in flavor and sweet in juice.

        Have you heard of these Traditional Chinese Medicine practices?

        2018-10-22 11:00:09

        Different parts of plants and their extracts are the most commonly used ingredients, although some a

        Battle Cold Dew season with Chinese pastry

        2018-10-08 14:29:28

        Cold Dew season gets its name from the dew which is about to become frost as the weather begins to get chilly.

        It's all about the mitten crabs at Yangcheng Lake

        2018-09-24 09:16:36

        The Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday where the family gathers together, but for fishermen living around Yangcheng Lake, it's also the start of the year's harvest.

        Tips for the season

        2018-09-24 09:11:00

        Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter, and is a time when we should take a few precautions to stay in good health

        Dragon boats and dumplings

        2018-06-15 07:07:35

        Traditional and fusion cooking styles, regional and international ingredients and a new awareness of healthy eating are all factors contributing to an exciting time for Chinese cuisine. Pauline D Loh explores the possibilities.

        Classic Tianjin snack gets new allies

        2018-03-23 11:22:21

        International food fans and organizations have shown a keen interest in contacting a new association for the renowned Chinese snack known as jianbing guozi - deep-fried dough sticks rolled in a thin pancake. The association was established this month in Tianjin, the snack's birthplace.

        The secret to great wonton noodles

        2018-03-16 10:13:31

        If you've ever had Chinese food, chances are you've tried wonton before. Perhaps you slurped them from a savory soup, or enjoyed them deep-fried and drowned in chili oil. These little dumplings are so versatile you'll find dozens of recipes for them, yet in Guangzhou, one version reigns supreme: Wonton noodles.

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