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        Seeking 'A Stitch in Time' at post-COVID art show

        2020-05-18 17:00:09

        After remaining off-limits to the general public for months, the nation's public venues, including art spaces, have finally opened their doors to people seeking cultural enrichment, diversion and recreation in a post-pandemic era.

        Cultural revenue stream

        2020-05-18 08:15:39

        In a bid to beat the effects of the pandemic, two Chinese theater institutions have teamed up with streaming platform Youku to premiere their first online musical, Chen Nan reports.

        Thai host teaches Mandarin online in Bangkok

        2020-05-11 11:18:48

        On May 10, the China Cultural Center in Bangkok launched an online Mandarin class on Facebook, Line, WeChat and other social media platforms.

        Dream collection on show

        2020-02-04 08:26:33

        An exhibition examining the cultural legacy of Cao Xueqin's literary masterwork Dream of the Red Chamber is now available at the National Museum of China website, Lin Qi reports.

        Int'l Ballet Season kicks off in Beijing

        2019-10-29 08:31:41

        The fourth China International Ballet Season has kicked off in Beijing, with 33 performances in 20 ballet plays to be staged during the three-month event.

        World Wushu Championship kicks off in Shanghai

        2019-10-21 15:49:29

        The ongoing 15th World Wushu Championship, which comprises 26 Wushu and 18 Sanda events, have attracted more than 1,100 athletes, coaches and referees from 102 countries and regions.

        Beijing Music Festival opens with overnight concert at Great Wall

        2019-10-06 07:32:18

        An eight-hour concert was staged at the foot of the Great Wall from Friday night to Saturday morning, marking the opening of the 22nd Beijing Music Festival.

        Exhibition opens to showcase China's retrieved cultural relics

        2019-09-18 09:08:16

        An exhibition showcasing China's achievements in cultural relic retrieval opened to the public at the National Museum of China on Tuesday.

        Handicrafts displayed at fourth China-Arab States Expo

        2019-09-09 11:02:46

        Handicrafts from different countries and regions are displayed at the fourth China-Arab States Expo, which is being held in Yinchuan, capital of Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region.

        Cultural events to be held to mark 70th anniversary of China-Mongolia ties

        2019-08-22 09:38:12

        A series of cultural events marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Mongolia will be held here on Sept.2-6, organizers said Wednesday.

        Hangzhou Theatre Festival presents global and home-grown creativity

        2019-08-12 14:41:49

        From September 11 to 29, the Hangzhou International Theatre Festival will play host to 24 plays from China and abroad, including five uniquely immersive theater productions.

        Art exhibit honoring moon landing is out of this world

        2019-08-10 10:08:13

        A weeklong event in Shanghai celebrating the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing offered visitors a new perspective of their home planet, Zhang Lei reports.

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