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        A virtual tour of cultural heritage in Sichuan

        2020-06-12 17:38:45

        The China Cultural Center in Rabat has launched an online exhibition of intangible cultural heritage of Southwest China's Sichuan province in celebration of the China Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which falls on Saturday.

        Taste Buds | Medicine by mocktail

        2020-06-11 14:34:22

        Reimagining herbal drinks into fruity mocktails.

        Out in Wuxi: making Huishan clay figurines

        2020-06-10 08:40:29

        Have you ever tried sculpting clay? Wuxi in Jiangsu province is famous for its unique Huishan clay figurines. Check out the latest episode of Out In Wuxi as our two hosts, James and Qianwen, have a go at making their own figurines!

        All the sun, all the fun!

        2020-06-09 14:58:41

        Hainan, the only tropical island province in China, has more than 300 days of sunshine a year. It boasts a 1,823 kilometers-long coastline, dotted by over 70 picturesque bays and more than 50 islands. A wide array of water sports and activities are offered in Hainan, including scuba diving, deep sea

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